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About Us

Emil Malik Ibrahim, S.H., M.B.A.

Emil Malik Ibrahim, S.H., M.B.A.

Emil is a lawyer with international experience. He previously worked at one of the largest law firms in ASEAN based in Singapore. He also has worked in an Indonesian law firm and as a legal counsel in an Indonesian telecommunication company. His business knowledge, networks, and practical experience in business give him a deep understanding of what clients want when they are seeking our advice 
Emil Malik Ibrahim, S.H., M.B.A. is a street-smart lawyer with a strong business background.

As a business professional, Emil is the independent director of an energy company, a subsidiary of a Malaysian company, based in Indonesia. Emil is also the Chief of Operational in Indonesia of the Indonesia Malaysia Club (IMC)—an Indonesian-Malaysian network of influential business persons’ from both countries.

His corporate practice areas are mainly in energy law, telecommunication law, and foreign investment law. Emil has vast experience in alternative dispute resolution and litigation, specifically: criminal law, private law, and employment law. His powerful knowledge of Malaysia and Singapore, as well as Indonesia, makes him as a specialist lawyer who is able to deal with clients from both countries when they are seeking for our legal assistance.

Emil received his law degree (S.H.) from Universitas Indonesia.
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